• Eigday Heating Sets Offices in New York…….

    Shenzhen Eigday Heating Limited announces starting a new branch in New York, United States, in line with the company’s core values, “continuous innovation and value creation”. This step was initiated in accordance with the company’s strategy, which aims to expand local and international bus...
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  • What are Battery Powered Heated Products

    Battery powered heated products can keep your body warm in cold weather.  Almost all of SAVIOR’s heating products are battery-powered and rechargeable, and the heat can be adjusted to the perfect temperature through the switch button. How do Heated Products Work? There are many types and st...
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  • Do Heated Gloves Work

    It is a good idea to buy a pair of heated gloves for outdoor sports or motorcycle riding in cold weather. But are heated gloves useful? Buyers who bought heating gloves have mixed opinions about this. The biggest controversy is the inability to heat up all day and the heating range is different f...
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