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Whether you’re shopping around for a heated vest as a gift for yourself, or you’re looking to buy one as a present for a loved one, the Arris heated vest is a solid pick all-around.

With a whopping 3 heating panels, the vest covers your entire body in electrical warmth. The temperature control allows you to toggle between a range of 40℃ to 65℃. You’re sure to find your ideal comfort level somewhere in between.

Savior recently updated their vest to make it more adjustable in size through a hook and loop design. The adjustable zipper now provides a fit ranging from small to XXXL.

The stylish heated vest is also unisex and promotes blood circulation, and may help in muscle pain relief. It’s perfect for fishing trips, general camping, snow season, and casual use.

It includes a large 5200mAh rechargeable battery which allows for up to 10 hours of working time depending on your heating control. You can turn on different areas of the vest, or you can enable the entire vest if you’re super cold!

Savior heated vest is a convenient, fast acting option that provides a remarkable sense of warmth quite quickly even in extremely cold weather.

Savior flexible vest is entirely unisex. A drawback with this feature is that you and your partner may end up fighting over who gets to wear the heated vest. You can always flip a coin, or better yet — buy one for each of you!

As convenient as it is to be warmed by battery-powered clothing in winter, it’s also nice to have multiple temperature options so you don’t get too hot. If it gets too stuffy within your vest, you’ll end up being uncomfortable, which defeats the purpose of heated clothing.

With three temperature settings, you’re free to adjust the heat until you find a level of warmth that best suits you. As you’d expect, these range from low, medium and high.

One thing this heated vest comes with that many others lack is a cell phone pocket. In this day and age, mobile optimization is key, and that extends as far as the clothes we wear. With this vest, you can rest assured that your phone is close at hand and won’t get lost in the snow.

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